Sunday, July 24, 2011

SNSD on global K-Pop flash mobs, their popularity, and their devoted fans

On July 24th, SNSD held a press conference before their “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” in Songpagu, Seoul, where they revealed their thoughts on their tour, their popularity, and on hitting their 20’s.

The girls began, “During our concert, we sang a ballad track. The fans threw a surprise event for us where they all held up a placard that said, ‘We missed you.’ It was so moving, we all ended up crying. It was an event brought together with one heart. It was us who had to give our fans joy, but we were grateful to receive such a moving present from our fans instead. We were able to work extra hard on our performances after that, so we’re very thankful.”

When told about the K-Pop flash mobs being held all over the world, the girls said, “The biggest present of all is being able to visit each place in person. We hope that the SM Town’s seniors and juniors will be able to coordinate their schedules and go together.”

“We heard about these flash mobs through others, and realized that the only universal language is music. Thank you. We want to hurry and visit these places to sing songs and exchange emotions.”

When asked about their new mature look, they replied, “We’ve been hearing that we’ve matured a lot, but it’s not something that we were aiming to emphasize. During our earlier days, we were only high school students, but we’re all in our 20’s now. We think that we just naturally grew older and matured with time.”

Reflecting on their consistent popularity, the girls said, “We held 14 arena tours in Japan. It was a great opportunity to be able to communicate with fans from different places. Our fans continue to give us their love, and we’re both amazed and grateful for that.”

At their concert, the girls will be singing their many Korean hits, as well as the Korean versions of “Mr. Taxi” and “Let It Rain“. Fans can also look forward to the girls’ individual stages.

In the meantime, check out this latest official concert clip and photos below!

source: allkpop

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