Sunday, July 31, 2011

ZE:A follows up with “Heart for 2″ on Inkigayo

ZE:A have ditched being cute Pororos’ and transformed into charismatic men for their “Heart for 2” promotions on today’s episode of SBS Inkigayo.

Having performed a shortened version of it during their comeback stage, the boys will be following up with a full performance of “Heart for 2″ for their follow-up promotions. It is a composition by rookie team E.One and is a crossover number that combines house electronic rhythm with acoustic sounds. The fresh arrangement and the powerful yet sentimental melody capture the boys’ drastic transformation well.

ZE:A, who have earned the nickname of ‘Empire of Pororo’ with their ‘Pororo choreography’, have shed their lovely images for “Watch Out”. For “Heart for 2″, the boys unveiled their powerful choreography and charismatic appeal to signal their return as men.

Check out their performance below!

source: allkpop

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