Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kapow! Christian Bale leaves Tom Hardy with ripped trousers during fight scene on set of new Batman movie


Kapow: Christian Bale and Tom Hardy fight it out while filming scenes for upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh today

Fight scenes on the set of new Batman movie The Dark Night Rises were never going to be a walk in the park.

But when Christian Bale and Tom Hardy got into character today to film scenes for the action flick it literally left one of the stars with ripped clothes and bumps and bruises.

Bale, who plays Batman, was on the front steps of Gotham City Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Hardy, who plays villain Bane.

Flashing the flesh: Hardy - why plays villain Bane - ended up with a 'wardrobe malfunction' of ripped trousers after the fight sequence

Winter battle: Bale got into character on the set that was flooded with fake snow and got his fists ready for action

The two actors fought it out and onlookers saw elbows flying and plenty of action to whet the appetite of fans of the comic book series.

At one point in the fight scene Hardy's pants had a wardrobe malfunction as his whole thigh was showing out of his villain outfit.

The scene had hundreds of extras dressed as police men and bad guys fighting and there was also a snow machine on hand blowing onto the scene as they fought.

Pow: Batman and his arch nemesis duke it out face to face in the much anticipated film based on the famed comic book series

Causing a commotion: The scene had hundreds of extras dressed as police men and bad guys fighting in front of the building

Christian choreography: Bale practised his moves earlier on in the day wearing his normal attire

That particular action sequence will be for the storyline that depicts a breakout of convicts from Blackgate Prison.

The building they used for the fake prison was the Software Engineering Building.

Earlier in the day, Bale arrived on the set wearing a grey T-shirt and black shorts and practised his fighting choreography on the stairs.

Put em up: The outspoken Terminator star looked ready for action surrounded by the out of costume extras and crew members

Battle vehicle: Hardy is seen standing on top of a car that they were calling a tumbler that was in camouflage colours

Gas guzzler: The large vehicle looked menacing on the streets of Pennsylvania

Big production: Onlookers were eager to get a glimpse of the movie set which shut off street in the Oakland area of city

source: dailymail

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