Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sandara plays with Thunder’s kitten, ‘Dadoong’

2NE1’s Sandara Park recently revealed her growing friendship with her brother’s kitten, Dadoong.

On July 26th, Sandara stated, “This is phase 2 of getting closer with Dadoong.. .First, I successfully lured him outside with a toy! However, I’ve failed at petting him! How will [our friendship] develop in the future?”

She later added, “I want to take him with me during my scheduled activities; however, since Dadoong is still a baby, it is dangerous. Thunder placed a curfew on him.”

Along with these messages, Dara revealed a video of herself playing with the adorable kitten. In response to the video, fans said, “Both of you are very cute”, “I wish you two develop a friendship”, and “He has developed a lot since we first saw him.”

Sandara’s personality seems to match quite well with the kitten’s. What do you guys think?

source: allkpop

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