Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reignited: Kelly Osbourne rekindles Twitter war with ex Luke Worrall after he slates her as she mourns Amy Winehouse


Kelly Osbourne launched the rant against ex fiancé Luke Worrall after he made jibes about her as she attended Amy Winehouse's funeral

Kelly Osbourne has launched a furious Twitter tirade against her ex-boyfriend Luke Worrall after he apparently made sick jokes about her as she attended Amy Winehouse's funeral.

The DJ and model, who was previously engaged to Kelly, had made vicious jibes about her body and included her name into his messages to make sure she would see them - despite knowing she was at the service.

Worrall, 23, deleted the tweets immediately afterwards, but not before Kelly had let rip in response.

At war again: Kelly with ex Luke Worrall in April of last year

The grieving 26-year-old television presenter and model railed: '@luke_worrall you've made it very clear u only dated me 4 my life style but s*** tweets about me the day im @ a funeral u have hit a new low.

'@luke_worrall it was fine when my Kellyphant ass was paying 4everything wasn't it? i just didn't think u could get much lower but u did #wow.'

One-sided: A grieving Kelly let rip at her ex on her Twitter over his spiteful comments - but he deleted his posts immediately afterwards

She then pondered over Twitter whether to quit the micro-blogging site his comments - just as she did last December after a previous online row with him on the site.

She wrote: 'dont think i want a twitter page anymore the fact that ppl get joy from being mean 2 me makes me sick whats the point? there is to much evil.'

Heartbroken: Kelly arrived at the North London funeral holding a single white rose

Cowardly: Luke took the pops at Kelly as she joined friends to mourn Amy's passing

source: dailymail

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