Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss World Malaysia 2011 Finalists. Candid Headshots.

Guys, please do not prejudge me that I am favouring these girls, it's just that I really wanted to snap as many photos as possible but could not, too busy running around in the hall and the girls moved so fast!...some photos were not clear enough to be published-deleted!..I just wished to get photos of Joanne Yeow, she's HOT HOT HOT..i got some controversial photos too but I keep it to myself only lor.....hehe. All the finalists were given an expensive rantai Fusionexcel, cantik2 plak tu, jeles!.....
suave, alluring, beautiful
cute! and charming.
Jessica the cutest, baby face.
fierce!, striking look!.
nice smile, full of life.
brave, sporty and ready to win.

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