Sunday, July 24, 2011

miss A makes a “Good Bye Baby” comeback on Inkigayo

Having made a stunning debut more than a year ago with “Bad Girl Good Girl“, the miss A girls are finally back with their first album “A Class” and its title track, “Good Bye Baby“.

Their title track “Good Bye Baby” is an expression of a woman’s cool indifference to a man who’s breaking up with her. The track has a dynamic chorus melody, featuring the same base as their debut track, “Bad Girl Good Girl“, but with a few twists that make it stand alone.

Although the melody sounds upbeat, the song actually has a toned sound, giving it an overall calm feeling. Perhaps the song’s strongest characteristic is where the girls are singing as if they’re whispering, acting out the words to the listener.

Check out their comeback stage on today’s episode of Inkigayo below which begun with a performance of the silver mix version before their actual version!

source: allkpop

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