Sunday, July 24, 2011

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  • raj2007
    05-14 08:07 PM
    As far as I know, Fiancee visa is only for Fiancee of Citizens, not for GC folks.

    Someone pls confirm.

    You are right..Financee visa is for citizens only..

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  • satishku_2000
    01-03 07:13 PM
    Definition of marriage according to the DOMA

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  • Berkeleybee
    02-28 09:02 PM

    I'll be attending this meeting with Zoe Lofgren's staff. It would be great if we got a new volunteer --someone who hasn't been to a lawmaker meeting and wants to learn how to run one.


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  • ndbhatt
    05-30 05:55 PM
    Done! Voted "yes"


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  • ganguteli
    06-01 04:12 PM
    I cannot imagine how educated illiterate IV members are. You think voting on some site will get the bill passed? I agree with Fresheb2 that this is a waste of time. You guys are only promoting some new site. This site will capture your email addresses and send you marketing material. If you read about the site owners, they are commerical companies and they seek to make profit from this site. Do not be fooled that someone will send your bogus votes to congress and the bill will be passed. The site only aims at generating awareness among US citizens about congress and bill. They probably got some grant or decided to make money off this idea and started this website.

    How about I also start a website and create voting on it and ask everyone to vote. Will it help a bill pass?

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  • shana04
    02-13 10:12 AM

    Thanks for the AC21 letter format. What do u mean 6yrs - minus remaining time? So, lets say, I'm in the 5th yr of my H1B. So the remaining time is obviously 1 year. My 485 is pending. So, will I get an extension of 6-1 = 5 yrs of H1 extension???:o If so...that wud be gr8. Pls emphasise on what u mean by that calculation.

    I mean to say 6yr - used time (if you are in 5th year) then it is
    6 - 5 = 1 yr remaining. (if 485 applied and you still have 140 approved - you still get only 1 yr ext)


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  • agpg
    08-06 11:45 AM
    Count me in. I am in the same boat

    Here are my details:
    EB2 - India
    PD:May 18,, 2004
    I140 Approval: Jan 25, 2007
    RD:July. 02, 2007
    ND: Aug 02, 2007
    Service Center: NSC

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  • tinku01
    02-12 02:37 PM
    great point mr internet then I think CP filiers should other way to make their efforts and should not participate in letter campaign since there are lot of people who are waiting in CP queue.....anyway are you seems to me from your reply:rolleyes:


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  • Guig0
    02-10 04:11 PM
    cheater... i didn�t imply that ;)

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  • gcmaya
    12-12 01:10 PM
    As EB3 India passed April 2001, where huge number of 245i cases are filed, is it mean they processed all those cases. Can we expect big movment in coming months::confused:

    Any Idea's Please


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  • gsc999
    07-06 04:15 PM

    Curious, why do you say that?

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  • saketkapur
    11-19 03:03 PM
    anything to make the que move faster...........

    FIFO would be ideal but then so would be expecting anything meaningful from the USCIS......


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    02-13 07:54 AM
    thanks mhtanim....

    It seems that i can file tax using form 4852....but to do if he send legal notice claiming that i have made losses to him worth 25 K....i had good relation with client , gave app notice and also have refe letter from client (received award form client) there shud be no point for liquidation thing and also i have all previous employers emails acepting my receignation and notice period...

    Another thing which you may want to keep a watch is on the dollar amount that your employer reported on W2 for FED & State... in my case my old employer filed & reported wrong dollar amount to IRS and paid less taxes then what normally supposed to be paid which was of course he did that on purpose anyway and I didn't realize until I went to H&R block to file my 2006 taxes...and happen to notice I was ending up to pay way too huge $$ amount in return to IRS

    Thanks to H&R they made my options pretty simple (a) check with my previous employer to see if he can do adjustment e-filing to IRS and provide me with corrected W2 that shows correct $$ amount or we can proceed further with filing with what ever they have reported $$ to FED & State and in the H& R system they do have an option for a separate forms that can be filed along with your taxes which reports directly to IRS on the issue and IRS will take it from there becasuse for sure during adjudication of your filed taxes in IRS system there will be flag for someone to manually look into your filed case.

    My useless desi employer not sure what was he thinking at that time of such plans & didn't expect me to go that far with new approach to IRS, had given him options as described above and guess what he did over night e-filing on adjustment & did over night courier to my home mailing address...

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  • wellwishergc
    04-10 09:02 PM
    I agree with bharnik..

    Perhaps, we are looking at things through the same perspective that everybody is looking at. Remember that the senators and congressmen include clauses what are provided by people like us or by businesses; for instance - the wording of the amendment that Senator Borwnback brought about, should have been a combination of materials from IV and other sources. I am sure that very few congressmen/leaders know what I-485 process or EAD actually means. People like us who are affected by the GC process have these form numbers and the corresponding processes on the top of our head. I suspect this is the case with the senators/congressmen or their staff, since 'legal immigration' is just 1 topic out of the numerous topics that they have to deal with.

    So, I re-iterate that we need to work on things simultaneously. If one group is working through the congress, another group should target the agencies such as DOL, Service Centers.

    I think, it is much easier for DOL or Service centers to bring about a 'memorandum' within the legal boundaries of the existing law; to best put it, to change the interpretations.

    It is the same with the current bill under debate. It will take years before each and every aspect of the bill, once passed, is intrepreted and implemented. In the meanwhile some may get lucky by a certain interpretation, some may not. - until the final interpretation is confirmed.

    IV has the clout now to approach agencies, explain to them our argument and see if we are able to convince them for short-term reliefs. It is just a matter of trying.


    Thanks for the link to the summary. But therein itself lies the solution. As you can see from the summary, the EAD eligibility in all cases explained above is in cases which does not impact the GC quota. Apparently, people against whom removal process is initiated is eligible to receive an EAD!!! Also, as you mentioned in your post, the CFR is not a law, it is an interpretation of law made by the agencies and the agencies are free to change the applicability, extension, conditions of eligibility for EAD as they seem fit. The reason is because COngress never foresaw these huge wait times when they passed the INA (in fact our FAQs make that pretty clear). I think if a little bit of persuasion is applied by the right people to the right places, we may just make this work. I agree with Raj, maybe we should take this a bit farther and see what develops.

    Another compelling reason for doing this is the fact that even if the CIR were to be passed, by the time the agencies develop their regulations we are easily looking at another 2 yrs plus before we see the effects of the CIR.

    I guess I am done on this topic. It was just a thought that I felt should be put out there for discussion.


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  • gk_2000
    08-02 03:23 PM
    Funny you say that. I'm all for a honest debate and in fact mentioned cited this forum's intolerance for disagreement. We fail to realize that the EB quota is not a Indian only domain, that there are other non-Indian EB immigrants with their own viewpoints, and that unfortunately this narrow sightedness will stifle any unified efforts to fight this problem.

    And I'm not beating isantem up. I was on the other hand trying to explain to him why the policy of country based quotas are naive for attracting top talent. Please read my post below.

    I would have given you a green for actual substantive disagreement but seeing that you failed to comprehend what I clearly was saying, I'll give you a red. Looks like you care about them enough.

    Wao, a catfight

    Look inside you. Re-read what you wrote. It will become apparent how you personally attack people for saying things you don't want to hear. What's the use of arguing that the policies are "stupid" etc?
    Yes, give me all the reds you want if that helps you vent your frustrations.

    Your quote: "So please take your diversity argument with you and don't let the door hit you on your way out" says it all.


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  • ArunAntonio
    09-05 12:40 AM
    Please think about the amount of effort that is going on to plan for this rally.

    - The mental effort required to plan the logistics of such a huge event
    - The physical energy required to make all this a possibility
    - The amount of time the members working on this are sacrificing.. time that they could have spent with family or other gainful things
    - The financial impact this is causing to the invloved members

    and all just not for themselves but for all of US.

    What is your contribution to this effort?
    Please show up.
    Think ..
    I am sure you can DO IT.


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  • apt29
    08-12 04:52 PM
    A little unrelated question but couldn't find the the right thread to post it...

    What do you do if while traveling abroad, your GC is lost/stolen? Would the CBP officer at the airport allow you back in on the basis of a photocopy?

    Another similar Question:
    do we need carry the supporting documentation(Birth/Marrriage certificate, old H1Bs, etc) certifacte while travelling with GC? Please share your experience.

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  • tikka
    05-29 05:17 PM
    You have atleast God to keep faith in. What about non-beleivers like me?
    I am just keeping faith IV though.

    ramus and tikka fyi ,just in case you may jump in, I already sent web faxes and mailed and ...

    Thank you!

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  • willIWill
    11-02 03:20 PM
    Guys, Thank you all for the support. I have responded with the same kindness. (Just the greens)

    And for those who gave reds, I always thought in spite of the gloominess, we still want to ponder at what the new bulletin has is in store. Anyways, thanks to you all too. Have now learnt that discussing future VBs has become a Taboo.

    06-05 12:15 PM
    Even as it stands RIGHT NOW without the "New AC21 Rules", you cannot use AC21 unless your I-140 is approved. The basic principle of AC21 is "If your I-140 is APPROVED AND your I-485 application has been pending for more than 180 days" you can switch jobs and not lose anything.

    Wasnt it I-140 approved or approvable ? Or am I missing something ? :confused:

    09-19 08:11 PM
    My wife's case is moving back to TSC again from CSC. But I don't see anything on EAD and AP cases. May be they will be processed at CSC.

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