Sunday, July 24, 2011

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  • jkays94
    04-01 09:24 PM
    Sent 10 and 11.

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  • vrbest
    10-08 01:18 PM
    Got EAD Card for all of us in a span of 3-5 days. My son got 1 year EAD (10yrs old) but me and my wife got 2 years EAD. Any way happy that I can claim 300$ tax rebate for my son and get SSN for him also..

    Still pending... Just checking to see if there are many waiting like me

    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...

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  • makemygc
    08-01 12:15 PM
    mine reached at 10-23 am -2 nd july,by some L.ARMSTRONG receipt yet,no check cashed
    cjagtap..where did you send your application.. NSC or TSC?

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  • ramreddy
    01-31 04:28 AM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - (
    Amongst Google video or Y-Tube was a report that TVU in fact ran a pyramid scheme or referral, which very much discounted the fees if there where referrals. Referrals would likely be a close school friend.
    I feel very sad for the tarnish it has caused .Esp the common Indian working there is bound to be looked upon as a fraud case - and he would have nothing to do with this AT ALL,it spoils the prospects and reputation of genuine people be it anyone Telegu or Non long as he is Indian.
    Now all the local regional associations are desperately painting them as scapegoats because if otherwise it will be a big dent to their own rep. And next the Feds will want to go smell fish at any AP run consulting firm . A general fraud impression will be built rapidly around that community.Very unfortunate if that happens. But WHY in the 1st place attempt such a massive fraud ? Bad for all. I just hate it .
    BTW all this 1500 student game is happening when the H1B visa laws are the most restrictive so companies find it imposs to file a fresh H1B but its a lot easier to transit a student from F to H.


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  • arthsidhu
    10-10 02:11 AM
    Blood suckers

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  • v2neha
    03-03 04:43 PM

    My retired parents are visiting me and will be here for atleast six months. Mom is fine but Dad is extremely bored in just two days. Can you guys suggest how do I keep him busy while having him help us with IV activities? He has excellent communication skills. One thing I think of is having him surf the net and research immigration related media contacts all across the nation. Please comment with your suggestions.



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  • jonty_11
    08-22 02:17 PM
    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.
    check b4 u post man....this thing has been cut and paste a billion times...
    Concentrate on the DC Rally instead plz

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  • kaisersose
    05-13 05:14 PM
    I am the primary applicant. I am planning to get married in next 1 year or so with a girl from India. If I get my GC then she will fall under family based which will take years for her to come here. I do not mind moving back if that happens.
    Since I have valid H1 can I do something,

    There is no reason for you to pull out your 485. Get your divorce expedited and get married quickly and you should be OK as EB3 India is not really moving forward unless there is a visa recapture or something like that.

    Your spouse will of course lose her 485 and will have to start afresh. But I assume she already knows this and is OK with that.


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  • gcSeek08
    08-13 01:47 PM
    Iam in the similar situation, but my wife came here only last month on H4. My GC was approved yesterday. Now I have all the documents ready for my wife's GC application to be sent to USCIS. My lawyer also told me to immediately mail the application to USCIS since I did not receive my GC on hand yet.
    My concern is will my wife's application get rejected since my I485 has been approved? Pls help!

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  • hpandey
    11-20 10:18 AM
    I am waiting for GC for buying a house myself. I am sure there are many more people who think this way esp in this market.

    I am also waiting for a GC to buy a house ... can't buy on a H1 visa with a project that keeps on getting extended every 3-6 months. You need stability for at least a few years to put in a committment for a mortgage that you are going to pay for 30 years.


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  • pappu
    09-01 07:46 AM
    It worked now after 2 days. I think my explorer settings need work. I don't know much about them

    I have never thought about slogans. Will keep that in mind. What is the deadline?

    We need a slogan that mentions H1B's contribution to Social Security. I have not been able to find an article that mentions it. There are lot articles that mention undocumented workers contribution in billions. Just imagine how much we must have contributed and NO ONE mentions it

    also scan through the vivek wadhwa report and pick a few lines to use as slogans from it. we need it this long weekend. Franklin is working on collecting them and finalizing it. we are running short on good slogans

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  • MindGlow
    04-03 08:54 AM
    sent #10 & #11


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  • aj_jadeja
    03-21 11:20 AM
    will take care of CO.


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  • gcstruggle
    11-09 04:15 PM
    RD- July 10; ND - Sept 7, received FP notices for me but not for my spouse.


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  • gsc999
    10-12 11:08 AM
    Hello GSC999 ( I forgot your real name :-) ) .
    I prefectly agree with the fact that people are getting a bit overly impatient on the issues here , but I who has been patiently waiting and waiting and working with the state chapters just see a lull and silence on the immigration front ( Skilled and Unskilled ) . No one wants to talk about it or do anything about it on the Hill.Please prove me wrong here , I WANT TO BE WRONG !!!
    DC Rally participant ( 2 + 1) Texas State Chapter member Regular $ Contributer
    Arnab, I understand your point. I mean it. My old priority date was Sept. '02 and after being stuck in backlog for years, I finally decided to change my job, my new priority date is in 2006.

    Now, IV doesn't have control over the schedule followed by the US congress. Having said that, let me assure you that there is positive movement. If you look at recent posts by other members, you will see that momentum. That is the result of your efforts with DC rally and your contribution.

    This last quarter of 2007 is do or die for us. That is why we are asking members to join state chapters and preparing for our next big push. All this may not be what you would be hoping for but guess what, without your efforts we wouldn't have come so far. So have some more patience.


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  • sheela
    02-21 09:20 AM

    when did this happen to you? Is it in the recent past or way back, looking at your post, it seems it was way back. Please confirm as lot of us think this is a recent development as we haven't heard anything about this until this thread.

    It was in sept 07.


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    02-03 01:16 AM
    the trend continues...

    soul and eilsoe were my favs as well. But, [sigh] I had to decide
    of course. And I did, bravely and valiantly.

    Nice work everyone!


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  • drak70
    01-04 07:29 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

    Did I miss something:
    the orginal posting says "married to two persons" and ."both his spouses "
    we all assumed they are female;).other wise only Massachusetts may be the place to stay:D:D:D

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  • anilsal
    12-20 11:45 PM
    I know Carl Shusterman regularly posts on this forum:

    Is he aware of IV?

    04-29 10:19 PM
    Tell me one country in this world which is giving 140K GC for skilled immigrants and alomst 1 million GCs for immigrants...

    ...........and the point you're trying to make is???

    If you don't want a GC, why are you on this forum and making anti-GC statement. A pro-GC person would agree with this statement unequivocally.

    07-24 02:36 PM
    Filed on June 12:RD on June 16 and got 2 yr EAD on July 23rd. Valid from July 18, 2008 thru July 17, 2010.

    I lost approx 3 months.

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