Thursday, July 28, 2011

Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres join thousands to 'show their hearts' in Twitter campaign for Berry children


He's a Belieber: Justin Bieber has joined thousands on Twitter to show his support for the orphaned Berry children

A host of celebrities have joined a Twitter campaign to raise money for the Berry children after their parents were killed in a horrific car crash earlier this month.

Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ellen Degeneres and Lady Gaga are among thousands to join the 'show your hearts' campaign.

They are urging people to join the campaign and pledge money to help.

Touched by the tragedy: Britney Spears, left, and Ellen Degeneres, right, both tweeted pictures of them making a heart shape symbol with their hands in the 'show your heart' campaign

The Berry family were heading back to Houston, Texas, from vacation on July 3 when another car swerved into their lane and hit them head on.

Parents Joshua and Robin Berry were both killed. Their two sons, Peter, nine and eight-year-old Aaron were left paralysed while their daughter Willa, six, suffered broken bones.

Horrific: Parents Joshua and Robin Berry were both killed in the crash, their two sons, Peter, nine and eight-year-old Aaron were left paralysed while their daughter Willa, six, suffered broken bones

The boys are still in hospital but will need round-the-clock care when they return home which doesn't come cheap.

The tragedy has swept through the Twitter community with stars and others changing their profile pictures to an image of two hands making a heart.

Loss: The boys are still in hospital and will need specialist care when they return, which doesn't come cheap. The campaign aims to raise money for their health care costs

Britney Spears tweeted: 'Change your profile picture today & make sure to #showyourhearts,' with a picture of her making the symbol, as did chat show queen Ellen Degeneres.

Justin Bieber has been particularly vocal about the campaign. 'It is a really sad story, but this is an opportunity for me and my friends to do something good for others,' Bieber said.

'We can use our influence to do good. We are just doing our part and I hope those kids get something positive out of it.'

His army of fans have also responded to the campaign to pledge money. One compiled a video on YouTube of fans making the heart shape with their hands.
Lady Gaga also took time out to urge her Twitter followers to help the Berry children

Support: Katy Perry, left, and Kim Kardashian, right, were also touched by the Berry tragedy and posted on Twitter

'Monsters: There are orphans that need our help,' she wrote. 'A tragic story that left them paralysed or text BERRY to 85944.'

Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian tweeted their support with Khloe writing: 'This truly breaks my heart!!! Please show these children your support!!!!!! Show Your Heart <3'

Katy Perry, Sean Combs, the Jonas Brothers, Chris Brown and Mike Tyson all urged their fans to join the campaign.

To donate please visit or send BERRY to 85944 via text message to instantly donate $10.

Show your heart: The celebrities joined thousands to change their Twitter profile pictures to the campaign's symbol

Show Your Hearts for the Berry Children!

source :dailymail

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